They accompany us

with quality products

Local and seasonal products

The chef of the Relais de la Poste Thomas Koebel puts a point of honor to work with local and seasonal products. On a daily basis, the producers accompany us and provide us with high quality products. We share their passion of tasty products, their respect of nature and seasons.

Fruits and vegetables

Our fruits and vegetables originate from the Farm Clauss, located at La Wantzenau, only a few hundred meters away from The Relais de la Poste.

La ferme Clauss


Our cheeses are selected among the 250 products from the house Lorho in Strasbourg. This couple of artisans cheese refiners both honored with the title Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (Best Craftsman of France) are fervent defenders of taste and farm products.

La maison Lorho


The pigeon used for the chef’s head dish comes from Théo Kieffers breeding in Nordhouse.

Théo Kieffer


Our teas are created and assembled in Alsace by our partner Comptoir Français du Thé, where each cup of tea is conceived as a tasty journey.

Comptoir Français du thé


Original and gourmand recipes, the spreads made without palm oil reflect the creativity of Aliéonor Slos, chocolatière at the chocolate museum Les Secrets du Chocolat (the secrets of chocolate) in Geispolsheim.

Musée du chocolat


Our chocolate is provided by the house Schaal Chocolatier that owns a factory implemented in Alsace, in Geispolsheim since 1871. Their cocoa is produced in their own plants in Ecuador.

Chocolatier Schaal

Breads and pastries

Our breads and pastry (viennoiserie) are made by “Au pain de mon Grand-Père” (my granddad’s bread”, a family bakery founded by Patrick et Bruno Dinel, two Alsatians respectful of old-fashion manufacturing using ingredients produced by biological agriculture.